Foundations underway - Select the image for an enlargement

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The development starts to take shape
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The demolition and the development has begun.

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The demolition has begun. The old Day care extension is now a pile of rubble and stones in sacks ready to be transported to Rotheram.
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A sad day but one of excitement for the future. As the development takes place the photos will appear here.
The roof, the floor and the asbestos are the next to go.
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From this point on the photos are taken about a week later.

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In many ways sad to see but looking to the future it is quite exciting
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So many memories…….
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Thinking especially of those who put in so much effort to make the Centre a reality
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Day Care…
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Gilbert and Sullivan…
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All the groups who met here….
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Thinking now about an exciting future….
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WOW look!!! You can see right through now!!
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The Centre is Dead….Long may the new construction prosper.