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About Stephen

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Stephen and his wife Linda live in Kirkham and for 13 years Stephen managed the Face To Face Homelessness Charity merging it into Fylde Coast YMCA some ten years ago.  As Housing Director at the YMCA, Stephen was responsible for developing various community projects including The Credit Union and Fylde Counselling Service. 
Reflecting on his former appointments in East London and Newcastle-on-Tyne of working as Methodist Minister, Hospital Chaplain and part time tutor with the Urban Theology Unit in Sheffield, Stephen is clearly committed to encouraging individuals and communities to be honest about their hopes and needs and finding how faith in God can help them be met in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Stephen is our Minister but is already known to us and well known on the Fylde Coast having lived and worked in Fylde for 18 years and prior to that he was a Minister in Blackpool.

Stephen's Message

Deal or no deal? Who knows? The uncertainty of Brexit continues as the 31st October draws ever closer. Will the country unite after such a fractious and divisive period in our history? Who knows if an election or referendum will unite us?

We know ideals and principles are good things but if they do not translate into reality they become meaningless. As Extinction Rebellion activists bring central London to a standstill to highlight their concern about the slow progress in addressing climate change and Brexit fractures our Government and political parties, we know we have to find solutions.

We have to find ways of coming out from entrenched views to work together, listening as well as protesting, looking at what we can do differently to improve understanding and live more responsibly with each other. Hot air and promising what cannot be delivered is not peculiar to politicians.

I know a Community Cafe where people with a desire to cook have made 1716 pickups from local Tesco Express shops collecting 29,432 kg of food, equivalent to 70,077 meals, saving 94,182 kg of CO2 by diverting food from landfill to those who need it and can use it, providing hundreds of free meals. They are people of faith and none, differing political persuasions and none, financially comfortable and benefit dependent.

We know there are solutions if we are prepared to work together locally and nationally. For me, a person of faith, the Bible reminds us that God’s love working within us is the power that enables us to do far more than we ever dare to ask or imagine but you may think differently!

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