Holy Week Meditations - Journeying to Jerusalem

Wednesday – A moment of Extravagance

John 12 v 1-8
Was it an extreme act of love on the part of Mary or one of foolishness, as in the eyes of Judas? Did Jesus see it, as a sign of anointing and an inspiration for him to wash the feet of others? Do we live life at the cost of others less fortunate than ourselves? What acts of kindness can we show to balance our Christian faith with social justice whilst expressing our devotion to Christ.

Let us pray
Lord, we thank you for our skills, our talents and our time and ask that we may use them in service for you. We thank you for those who continue to bring relief to all who are suffering at this time, for those whose actions are done without concern for their own safety. We pray to for our own friends and families, may they know the peace and love of God in their hearts.
May we respond to your extravagant love as we share it with one another in our words and actions, to glorify your Kingdom here on earth.

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The extravagance of creation The extravagance of giving The extravagance of love.
Sometimes it’s not the extravagance but the minute acts of selfless love that become the bigger picture.

Part of a series of reflections for Holy Week Compiled by Judith Smith, Lay Worker in the South Fylde Methodist Circuit April 2020 Church Road Methodist Church Freckleton Methodist Church The Drive Methodist Church.

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