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The Tesco table with donated unsold food items that have reached their sell by date but not there use by date will be at the back of the church each Sunday. Please take any items for yourself or to pass on to others. There is no charge but if you wanted to make a donation, it will go to the Benevolent Fund.

FROM GROCERIES TO GETAWAYS GO TO EASYFUNDRAISING AND HELP RAISE MONEY FOR OUR CHURCH If you are on-line shopping for a holiday, travel, groceries or anything, please remember to buy through Easyfundraising and help raise funds for our Church.   There are over 3,000 shops and sites on board ready to make a donation; these include Amazon, John Lewis, Argos, Debenhams, Ticketmaster, Aviva, Marks and Spencer, the trainline, Sainsbury's, holiday companies and so on – it doesn't cost you a penny extra!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3... 1.  Go to and join for free. 2. Every time you shop online, go to easyfundraising first to find the site you want and start shopping. 3. After you’ve checked out, that retailer will make a donation to our church for no extra cost whatsoever! There are no catches or hidden charges and the church will be really grateful for your donations.
Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us through Easyfundraising. If you’re shopping on-line, please remember that there are over 3,000 shops and sites ready to make a donation, including Amazon, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Next, B&Q, John Lewis, Expedia, Ebay, Aviva, thetrainline and thousands more.
Go to and join for free.

We are a caring church, but it is sometimes easy to assume that we are already aware of people in need of support. If you are aware of someone who might appreciate a visit (and/or some flowers), or of a situation that requires a pastoral response, please have a word with one of the Stewards.

Better to be informed twice than not at all!

Church Road Brownies celebrated their 90th birthday last week. They are one of the oldest groups in the area (if not the country!), so the girls and their leader, Marie Hawkins, are very proud to be keeping the pack going, especially when Church Road Rainbows and Guides have both closed. We send them our warmest congratulations on this achievement.

LEAGUE OF LIGHT BOXES Thank you to those who support Action for Children with League of Light collecting boxes. Please note that, in future, these should be returned to the new circuit treasurer, Jim Edwell. (Tel: 723031)

LEAGUE OF LIGHT BOXES Thank you to those who support Action for Children with League of Light collecting boxes. Please note that, in future, these should be returned to the new circuit treasurer, Jim Edwell. (Tel: 723031)

The next collection of our fundraising boxes will be on Sunday, 27 January, and again on the following Sunday. Please return your boxes to church on one of these occasions and write your name clearly on the BACK of the box.  After counting, the boxes will be returned to you.
If you do not have a box and would like one to support us in this way with occasional donations, please email the church office or speak to Stuart Wrigley.

Thank you for your continuing support for our fundraising.

The Christmas collections for Action for Children amounted to £517.64. Thank you very much for your generous support.


Thank you to all the organisations using the church during the week for their part in keeping our church clean and tidy and ready for use. During the week, chairs are placed round the sides and across the front of the church; please be careful not to put chairs in front of the heaters as this causes the wood to become very hot to the touch and is potentially a safety issue. To help get the church ready for our Sunday morning services each week we need volunteers to put the chairs back into rows and set up the coffee area at the back of the church. This job takes 3 or 4 people approximately 10 minutes and can be done on Saturday or on Sunday at around 9.30 am, or 9am for Activ8 on the first Sunday of each month. With sufficient volunteers we will be able to set up a rota so you won’t need to commit to doing this every week. If you are able to help please speak to one of the stewards or email Linda Butcher at  


Please do remember to save these and place them in the box at the rear of the church.  These are sold to help the local work of Guide Dogs for the Blind. Thank you


Our Church collects used and unused postcards.  The money raised goes to the Christian charity Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).  MAF planes transport essential medical care, food, water, relief teams and church workers to those in desperate need in developing countries.  At least £8,000 is raised each year from the sale of postcards.  There is a box at the rear of the Church to place the postcards in. Thank you for your support. Elaine Watts

This is a reminder to users of the Church that the premises must be left in the same condition at the end of the period as at the start. This also includes any furnishings moved, which after use must be returned to their original position.


To prevent any risk of accidents or damage, will all organisations please note that under no circumstances must any chairs or other items be placed in front or on top of any of the Church heaters, nor within 10-12 inches at the side of the heaters.  This notice must be observed and adhered to at all times. Thank you for your co-operation.