Sunday Worship

We shall be very pleased to welcome you if you would like to join us at Church Road Methodist Church. If you're thinking about coming to church for the first time, then you are especially welcome. We are a church which values community and we want to make everyone feel at home here. We know it can sometimes feel daunting the first time, but we have a special welcome team on hand each week to greet you and explain to you what happens. If you let us know that you are wanting to join us, then we'll arrange for someone to greet you and sit with you in church so that you feel quite comfortable. Just email the church office and let us know at churchroadmethodist@googlemail,com


10.30 a.m. Revd Stephen Heath
10.45 a.m. Rachel Lampard Vice President of Conference with Rev Dr Adrian Burdon
10.30 a.m. Revd Stephen Heath Covenant Service
22nd ;
10.30 a.m. Mr Richard Golding
10.30 a.m. Revd Stephen Heath


Next Month 

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